Concert program

Московский казачий ХорThe concert program of the Moscow Cossack Choir is based on traditional songs of Kuban, Don, Ural and Terek Cossacks. And the Cossacks from other regions of Russia. In the repertoire there are works by contemporary authors and poets and composers have dedicated their works to the glorious Cossack family. The special program takes place in the choreography. The viewer is presented and staged rooms and traditional dance and elements of the old ritual actions. Emphasize the dashing character and fighting spirit of Cossack marching song and dance in which performers skillfully master checkers demonstrate tricks flank!
The standing repertoire includes well-known and beloved Cossack songs:
Oh, you Galya, Galya young
Ye snezhochki to melt ground lay,
Oh, frost, frost,
Here are the bullet whistled,
Not for me come spring,
Oysya you oysya,
Oh, at the meadow at the meadow,
Ljubo brothers, enjoy,
Unharnessed, boys horses
Black Raven,
I Czerniawa, Curly
Cossack heart,
The narrow proulochek,
When we were at war

and many others