Concert program


The wedding celebration will become unforgettable and bright together with the Moscow Cossack Choir! This will not be just a performance! Songs, dances, tricks with sabers and of course games and fun for all guests of the holiday! The wedding will be remembered for a long time!


It’s always nice to remember the roots and traditions on your anniversary! Sing heartfelt and favorite songs! “Oysya”, “Not for me”, “Marusya”, “When we were at war”! The Moscow Cossack Choir will become the highlight of your celebration!

City holidays

Solemn, patriotic, bright! This is how you can describe the festive performances of the Moscow Cossack Choir at city venues! The repertoire of everyone’s favorite: “Katyusha”, “Lyubo brothers”, “Darkie” and many other legendary works!

Solo concerts

The Moscow Cossack Choir successfully tours with solo concerts not only in Moscow! The collective won the love of viewers all over Russia and the world! Amazing singing and dashing dances evoke indescribable emotions in everyone who comes to the concerts of the choir!

Ransom of the bride

Unusual, fun and original! Few people will remember the ancient ceremony of redemption of the bride, but few know how merrily and with a twinkle such events took place! The Moscow Cossack Choir will hold a ransom in accordance with all the canons and will give a sea of emotions to everyone present!

Filming on TV

The Moscow Cossack Choir is a frequent guest of various TV channels and programs! The team managed to work with quite large of them: Channel One, TVC, Russia 24, Kultura, Zhar Ptitsa, STS, MIR, TNT, Zvezda, NBC. And this is not a complete list. We are looking forward to new offers!

Concert programs of the Moscow Cossack Choir

The concert program of the group is based on traditional songs of the Kuban, Don, Ural and Tersk Cossacks, as well as Cossacks from other regions of Russia. The collective’s repertoire also includes works by contemporary poets and composers who have dedicated their creations to the glorious Cossack family. Choreography takes a special place in the program. The combination of staged choreography and traditional dance allows the viewer to fully enjoy the aesthetics of the Cossack dance in all its glory! Stunt elements with sabers and whips can rightfully be considered the decoration of concert numbers! This is a truly breathtaking sight! The repertoire of the Moscow Cossack Choir is quite extensive and constantly updated! Here are just some of the most popular pieces:


  1. Cossacks rode
  2. Full of snowballs for you
  3. Oh frost
  4. And I’m black
  5. Narrow alley
  6. Are you waiting for Lizaveta
  7. Cossacks in Berlin
  8. Cossack rode across the Danube
  9. Here the bullet whizzed
  10. Oysya, oysya
  11. When we were at war
  12. Oh, at the meadow
  13. Marusya
  14. Ah, it is not yet evening
  15. Black Raven
  16. God creator
  17. I will go out into the field at night with a horse
  18. Not for me
  19. Lubo brothers
  20. Teren color
  21. The house stands over the river
  22. Farewell to the Slav
  23. Katyusha
  24. Mother Russia
  25. The boy was pleased with everything
  26. Forgive me dear
  27. Love me when Don spills
  28. What were you
  29. Like our neighbor
  30. Black Raven
  31. Someone is coming down from the hill
  32. Dumplings
  33. Well you pidmanula me
  34. You are Cossacks, Cossacks
  35. Under the window wide
  36. There by the spring garden
  37. When we left our dear land
  38. The dark woman
  39. Like our neighbor
  40. Cossack heart



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